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Living in China

Before coming to China

What to pack for your new life in China?
Here are a few ideas.

China blocks access to many western social media sites so make sure to purchase a V^P^N.
We recommend the VPN provider Express.

Click on the above image to learn more!

ExpressVPN Subscription

* World’s largest premium V^P^N service provider:
- 24/7 customer support through live chat
- Unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee
- 1,700+ servers in 145 V^P^Nserver locations in 94 countries
- Speed-optimized network that performs consistently faster than competitors.
- We buy premium bandwidth and don’t cut corners
- Easy-to-use apps for all devices:
- Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS, PLUS apps for platforms that other V^P^Ncompanies don’t support, like Linux and routers
- Browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Safari
- The only provider that unblocks Netflix not just on the V^P^N, but also using SmartDNS on non V^P^N–compatible devices such as:
Apple TV, PlayStation, Xbox, and smart TVs
- Private, anonymous V^P^Nservice
- No activity logs and no connection logs
- Best-in-class encryption
- Bypass geo-restrictions to access:
Netflix, Hulu, HBO NOW, BBC iPlayer, iTV, Sky Go (Italy), Rai TV, Crackle, Showtime, Sling TV, FX, NBC, ABC, and more
- Reliable service in high-censorship places like China.

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