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Teaching English in China

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ESL Activities Lesson Collection

Drama Lessons 戏剧课

Drama and role-play classes are a great means to practice speaking English.
We have put together a collection of lessons based around English plays.


我们围绕英语戏剧汇集了一系列课程。密码 12zy

*click on the PPT picture to download the ppt
(Google Drive need VPN in China)
*click on the PPT icon to download
(do not need VPN)

*点击图片下载PPT (需要VPN)
*点击PPT图标下载 (不需要VPN)12zy

Drama books & scripts
gruffalo drama esl lesson
snow white drama esl lesson pack
christmas cobwebs drama esl lesson pack

NOTE: These PPTs have been part created by TeamTeacher and also sourced from a variety of teaching websites including:, and PPTs include links to accredited YouTube videos and songs to use in the class. We hope these PPTs will raise the standard of teaching and learning in China.These stories are for education purposes only and are not for sale.

所有的PPT课程都跟随深圳小学课本和课程。每个PPT课程的基本结钩遵循三部分: 掩饰, 练习 和制作过程。每一个课包括YouTube视频和歌曲的链接。这些故事仅供教育,不出售。

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