During a person's time working in China, if they are working legally, you are likely to be paying into the Chinese social insurance system. What happens to those payments if you decide no longer to work in China?
One thing that you can do is to obtain a reimbursement...


The Hakka Village Museum (鹤湖新居) is located by Crane Lake in the Longgang district of Shenzhen. It consists of a whole Hakka residence which also acts as a museum about the culture and history. It has a website that can be accessed within China; www.szlgkjbwg.com. The...


How to Get a Chinese Police Certificate as a Foreigner.

If you live in China:

If you apply at The Public Security Bureau (PSB): the PSB will issue the Certificate of No Criminal Convictions to applicants with Z (Work), X (Student) and J1 (Journalist) visa classes. I...


The Ping An International Finance Centre (PAIFC), located in Shenzhen, is the 4th tallest building in the world and 2nd tallest tower in China. The easiest way to get to the PAFC attraction is by using the metro and getting off at the Shopping Park (购物公园站) Station at...


(General Symptom Treatment) Acetaminophen, Paracetamol [Tylenol brand] (pain relief) 泰诺林 Aspirin (blood thinner / pain relief) 阿斯匹林 Ibuprofen [Advil brand] (anti-inflammatory / pain relief) 布洛芬 Fenbid, Chinese Ibuprofen 芬必得 Lidocaine (topical anesthetic / pain relief...


Compliance is basically having students do what you tell them to do, but how do you achieve that? You build it.

My first few classes with new students will always start with teaching classroom commands / rules.
These commands I turn into a compliance sequence by gett...


Let's look at our home entertainment setup in China.

Renting in China you often have a TV included with the apartment or you can negotiate to have one before you first rent a place, so buying a TV isn’t generally a worry.
That is where the convenience ends.

Back hom...


A points system is one of the most valuable classroom management tools and ESL teacher has.
I split my class into teams based on the rows and get them to give me a team name based on a theme like fruits, animals etc.
I use a tally system as it's easy to alter but you c...


The most effective classroom management is proactive not reactive.
How can you be proactive?

One way is your choice of teaching material.
Firstly, your materials (ppts, songs, stories, games etc) should be appropriate for your students’ age and graded to their English...


Students can be disruptive for a multitude of reasons from boredom to attention seeking to special needs there’s no one way to deal with disruption so here are some strategies I use.

I’ve found the most effective way to deal with disruptive students is peer discipli...

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