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Teaching English in China

ESL Memory Match Game Collection


powerpoint ppt memory match game template

ESL PowerPoint (PPT) games otherwise know as 'Memory Match' games are a popular tool among English Teachers in public schools here in Asia. They can be used as a fun way to review previous target language or even as a dynamic way to practice English as part of a class. Just use pictures and/or vocabulary of the target language you want to use.

这个ESL PowerPoint(PPT)的名字是“记忆匹配游戏”。这个游戏是一个很有趣复习的方法。也可以用来学习英语。你可以从目标语言中使用图片或词汇。

To edit the memory match template slide:

  • Select the alphabetized coloured square and right-click to bring up a menu

  • Select 'send to back' and the square will go behind another white match square

  • Right-click on this white match square and click 'change picture' to choose your target language picture you want to insert

  • Remember to put the same picture or matching vocabulary word into another square so that you have a matching pair

  • Repeat the process until all the white question squares have been changed to your target language pictures (and vocabulary)

  • When this process is complete, select the alphabetized coloured square and right-click to bring up a menu

  • Select 'send to front' and the square will cover the corresponding white match square.

How to Download/如何下载:

With VPN (需要VPN) from Google Drive:

   --> Click on this button to download all files/单击此按钮可下载所有文件


NOTE: These PPTs have been part created by TeamTeacher and also sourced from a variety of teaching websites including:, and PPTs include links to accredited YouTube videos and songs to use in the class. We hope these PPTs will raise the standard of teaching and learning in China.

所有的PPT课程都跟随深圳小学课本和课程。每个PPT课程的基本结钩遵循三部分: 掩饰, 练习 和制作过程。每一个课包括YouTube视频和歌曲的链接。

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