Teaching English in China

ESL Powerpoint Lesson Collection


Public school class sizes in China are huge with often 50+ students in a classroom. Local and Foreign Teachers alike often use Powerpoints (PPTs) as a core part of their lessons.

Here is a collection Powerpoint (PPT) lessons that we use in our primary / elementary school classes in Chinese public schools.

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NOTE: These PPTs have been part created by TeamTeacher and also sourced from a variety of teaching websites including: https://en.islcollective.com/, http://www.waygook.org/ and http://www.eslprintables.com/.The ppts include links to accredited Youtube videos and songs to use in the class. We hope these ppts will raise the standard of teaching and learning in China.
所有的ppt课程都跟随深圳小学课本和课程。每个ppt课程的基本结钩遵循三部分: 掩饰, 练习 和制作过程。每一个课包括YouTube视频和歌曲的链接。