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ESL Classroom Management China - Compliance


Compliance is basically having students do what you tell them to do, but how do you achieve that? You build it. My first few classes with new students will always start with teaching classroom commands / rules. These commands I turn into a compliance sequence by getting the students to act out the commands and reward them with points and praise the students who are most compliant. You can have the students stand up, sit down, be quiet (finger on lips), hand up, hand down, listen (cup ear), curl your tongue, stand on one leg etc Throw in some funny ones to get them laughing but just make sure that most are following you along. I will often speed up the sequence or do a ‘simon says’ game to test them and change it up. I will continue to do these compliance tests throughout the year so students become accustomed to doing what I say. That is how I build compliance in my class.

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