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Ping An International Finance Centre Tour | Free Sky 云际观光层Observation Deck Guide.

The Ping An International Finance Centre (PAIFC), located in Shenzhen, is the 4th tallest building in the world and 2nd tallest tower in China. The easiest way to get to the PAFC attraction is by using the metro and getting off at the Shopping Park (购物公园站) Station at exit D. Take a left and go down the escalator to get to the entrance of the Free Sky 云际观光层 Observation Deck which is on the 116th floor. Tickets are currently ¥200 RMB (Yuan) for adults with discounts for others. Check out the website below to get a full list of prices: The website is in Chinese but the price listing aren't. You can purchase tickets on the wechat FreeSky program, which is in Chinese, or at the ticket desk in person.

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