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Teaching English (ESL) in China

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ESL Teaching Resources


General  ESL Teaching Resource Sites: 

- Great for providing simple definitions

- Great free ready-made lessons based on current news articles.

- A free wealth of worksheets and teaching ideas.

- A free wealth of worksheets and teaching ideas.

- a paid teaching resources site.

- a paid teaching resources site.

- Great for speaking classes.
- some of the best grammar books out there.
- Behaviour Management and Discipline Site

Word trace worksheet maker:


Word jumble maker:


Word search maker:


Crossword maker:


Hidden picture puzzles:


Flash Cards

Teaching PPT Websites:


It has a great selection of power point lessons in the projectables section.


Similar to islcollective, but you have to upload a few lessons to be to download some lessons


A ESL teaching forum for Korea, but has many resources applicable to China.
This waygook page is great for bomb games (to use on reviews days),87.0.html

Clip art

Audio/Visual Teaching Materials:
Good Channels for ESL videos & songs on youtube:
Super Simple Learning
Pancake Manor
The Singing Walrus
ELF Kids Videos
Fun Kids English
Muffin songs
LearnEnglish British Council
The Learning Station


You can download videos and songs from
I’m no tech wizard, and I just followed the guides below on how to do it:

XMLbar works well with other chinese streaming sites such as tudou, iqiyi, 56, qq, bilibili.
I have found to work particularly well with XMLbar video download program.
Downloading from chinese streaming sites has the added benefit of embedded chinese subtitles.
Note: If the video on the site has a ‘VIP’ sign, it likely means you likely won’t be able to download it via the XMLbar.
Most of the newish movies are VIP, but classics like neverending story, labyrinth, free willy etc are downloadable.
I have found a good way to search for streaming movies is via bing search engine as runs locally so searches the Chinese sites. Type in the movie you’re looking for and select the ‘video’ tab, and see which streaming site has the movie you want.

For newer movies, you can torrent them. I like YIFY torrents as you can easily find the corresponding YIFY subtitles. +
I use
to add (embed) Chinese subtitles onto English Movies.

If you don’t want to embed movies you can always use Splayer.
Just make sure the Video File and the subtitle file are in the same folder.
You can even play two alternate subtitles at the same time.

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